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Remember that February 14th is not just one day but the remaining 365 and of course, don't forget: If You Need, You Get!

If you are here, you believe in love! And what is life without it?! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other… You Get accompanies you in the best moments and in all the celebrations of love throughout your life! Are you looking for how to celebrate this most romantic time of the year, we'll help you so that nothing passes you by. Date ideas? We have! The perfect gift? Also! 

A dinner for 2 in the comfort of your home. Without fuss and without worrying about the restaurant being full, prepare dinner and enjoy a good time. To help you, and so you don't waste too much time, an airfryer is always a quick and healthy option, a cutting board for a great presentation at the table or a juicer for a dinner complete with natural juice. And for the last lap on dinner a cup of coffee with an amazing coffee machine

Make your everyday life together a daily walk. Ride side by side whenever you can with a bicycle or electric scooter, but pay attention to the road!

Enjoy the sun and good days, in winter or summer, spend time outdoor with your loved ones on a nice picnic. Before you leave the house, prepare incredible sandwiches and wraps with a toaster or electric grill. Lay out the blanket and prepare everything: listen to music with a bluetooth speaker, take your favorite fruit and snacks in ooni storage jars, or have an aesthetic picnic presenting the food on an ooni wooden board. Quality water always at hand with the Brita jugs and a freshly warm coffee or tea, on colder days with the Derma thermos

The days are a rollercoaster and you just want tranquility, a blanket and your sofa. In these days of celebrations and more movement, it becomes a hassle to have to leave the house and go to places full of people. A movie session at home is all you need to calm the hustle and bustle of your days. A projector or a television and a soundbar, 3,2,1… the film will start. 

If we talk about the comfort of our home, we can talk about fun and games! A game night could be the perfect date. Have fun with skill or board games and fill yourself with fun and memories. 

Stay connected. You always have your heart in your hands and it's always a struggle to answer your cell phone... relax, a smartband or a smartwatch and it's sorted! A smartphone can be an incredible gift, functionality and versatility in the palm of your hand. Do you want photos and videos of everything you spend together? Great quality and cutting-edge technology: S24 was arrived. 

A gift that offers you 2 in one, can you imagine? No? We already! LEGO! Imagine building together the bouquet of flowers that you will offer him and best of all: it will last forever! Flowersdecorative ornaments and branches in Lego! Creative gifts are up to us! 

Are you going to propose? You have an even more difficult task… the perfect time. Think of one of these dates as inspiration. Engagement could be another reason to choose one of our suggestions. However, don't forget, it's a day to celebrate love! In any way. (pregnancy, dating, engagement…whatever).