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Water/Flood Sensor Aqara White

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Aqara Water Flea Sensor is a device that detects any water leak or flood and displays an alert through the application.The sensor can communicate with other devices through the Aqara Hub.When a leak is detected, the Aqara Hub sends an alert to your phone, and when it connects the sensor to the solenoid valve, the water is automatically turned off.No bothersome yarn, the product can be placed or fixed anywhere, depending on your needs.

Security Camera Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 Full HD 1080p IP65 Security Wi-Fi

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A Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 features high resolution 1920x1080p for guaranteed image quality, digital zoom and detail enlargement.The large F1.6 opening also helps to increase light input and improve image transparency.The colorful night view with ultra-low light allows you to see the colors during the day in extremely low lighting conditions.