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Browse our selection of practical and convenient microwaves, from prestigious brands such as BoschSamsungTekaWhirlpoolLGSiemens and many others, available in stylish colors including blackgreywhite and stainless steel. On this page you will find microwaves with an attractive design, which look aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen, and with multiple functions. They are available in different sizes and powers to meet your specific needs, and many of them come with a built-in grill. Enjoy innovative features, such as quick defrosting, quick cooking and ECO mode, ensuring energy efficiency with each use. You may also find a deodorization setting on some models, which prevents unwanted odors from persisting in the microwave after use. Uniform heating and ease of use are distinctive features that make our microwaves a smart choice. Some models even allow you to prepare "fried" foods in a healthy way, eliminating the need for a fryer and oil, promoting a more balanced diet. When choosing a microwave, take into account issues such as brand reliability, equipment capacity and size, extra features, ease of use, power, design and ease of cleaning!