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Garden Solar Lamp 20W

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This solar soil light is used as a soil peak.Its support is stuck on the ground, whether on a large surface or on a flower vase, and serves to illuminate passage zones where we need an auxiliary light or areas where we need to illuminate in a decorative way

Filament Bulb Aigostar E27 A60 8W

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The classic filament lamp witnesses the evolution of times, illuminating innovation.The classic, delicate and beautiful shape restores the appearance, fashion and elegance of the filament lamp, meeting this time different aesthetic needs.Strong sense of design and decoration, suitable for many lamps with shapes and texture.

Smart Wifi Filament Bulb E27 G125 6W Aigostar

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You don't need a smart hub or plug.Just download the free app "Aigosmart".Connect the intelligent lamp to 2.4 GHz and you can control from anywhere.This smart lamp is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, leaving your WiFi hands free and creating endless possibilities.

Smart Wifi Filament Bulb E14 G45 4.5W Aigostar Amber

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AIGOSTAR new upgrade lighting products, which reset lighting with intelligence.Convenient with our life, save energy and respect the environment, improve the quality of life effectively and meet the different needs of customers for every consumer to enjoy the smart light experience.

Solar LED Lamp Aigostar 0.6W Warm Light

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The exterior design of the garden lamp is unique, with exquisite finishing and various styles.It has a retro style, but also elegant and simple, which creates a good effect on the patio decoration;Meanwhile, the soft and reflexless light gives a special beauty to the courtyard at night, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.