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  • Brand: Maxcom
If you're looking for simplicity and reliability, choose a mobile phone with keys! Key cell phones, also known as feature phones, are resistant and the battery lasts for days! These models include features such as integrated cameras, FM radio, flashlights and, in many of them, you can install your main applications, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Youtube, among others. Push-button cell phones are especially useful for people looking for ease of use and a straightforward interface, without the complexity of smartphones. Due to the physical buttons and simple interfaces, they can be an interesting option for older people or even younger children. On the other hand, mobile phones with keys are more resistant to impact, so they can be very useful in environments where the risk of falling and destruction is greater, such as in the case of construction. Or, if you have a limited budget and don't want to spend a lot on a smartphone that won't last you that long, a key cell phone is an excellent option. Many people also use push-button cell phones as a second cell phone for emergency situations. Or if you're going to a place where you can't charge your cell phone for a few days, you can rely on these cell phones to stay in touch for a long time! Whatever the reason, feature phones are still very useful today and, at You Get, you can find the best selection of feature phones at the best prices!