Why a Samsung 8K TV?

Recognized as the No. 1 TV brand* for the 18th consecutive year and a six-time winner of the CES Innovation Award, Samsung presents the Neo QLED 8K TV, the ultimate expression of next-level technology and excellence that puts Samsung at the top.

* Source-Omdia, Feb-2024. The results do not constitute an endorsement by Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the risk of third parties.

What has AI brought to Samsung TVs?

Upscaling AI 8K Pro

Our 8K AI Upscaling Pro technology, powered by 512 AI neural networks, transforms content into 8K resolution. Our most advanced NQ8 AI Gen3 processor lets you enjoy sharper, smoother picture quality on any Samsung TV.

AI Motion Enhancer Pro

The NQ8 AI Gen3 processor uses AI to enhance and smooth the movement of objects and text. Ideal for watching sports.

Depth Optimizer Pro

It detects the areas where the human eye normally focuses. It precisely optimizes the mini-LED blocks, improving the contrast and depth of each scene so you feel like you're inside the action and enjoy realistic 3D images.

Adaptive Voice Amplifier Pro

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) Pro with AI audio technology makes dialogues clearer by analyzing background sounds, voice clarity and ambient noise to isolate voices from other sounds. Enjoy an unparalleled audio experience with clear dialogues, even in the most distracting environments.

Object Tracking Sound Pro

A surround sound TV experience that accurately follows the action on screen thanks to 6.2.4. channel 90W speakers. Dive deeper into your audio experience with AI-powered object tracking sound from every corner of the TV to the center.

Adaptive Sound Pro

The sound is optimized for each scene, both for the characteristics of your room and for what you're listening to. Adaptive Sound Pro lets you hear everything more clearly with vivid, balanced sounds, just as the creators intended thanks to AI audio processing that extracts and processes sound objects.

AI Automatic Game Mode

Let the AI processor automatically detect the type of games you're playing, providing settings adapted to each game. Take the hassle out of configuring games.

AI Power Mode

Let the AI processor automatically detect the type of games you're playing, providing settings adapted to each game. Take the hassle out of configuring games.

A significant difference in your TV's performance

The most advanced, AI-powered NQ8 AI Gen3 processor with 512 neural networks analyzes each scene to optimize the image and sound, so you get an incredibly immersive 8K viewing experience.

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