Induction Hob Samsung 2000W Black (NZ64M3707AK)

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About Induction Hob Samsung 2000W Black (NZ64M3707AK)

Fast and accurate control

The extremely wide and intuitive Sliding Touch Control of the hob allows quick and precise control of cooking temperatures. You can simply tap and slide your finger across the LED control panel to instantly set or adjust the heat level for each zone in use.

Immediately turn off cooking zones

The “Quick Stop” function instantly minimizes the impact of accidents. The zones where you are cooking can be switched off immediately with a simple touch to prevent pots from boiling over or pans from burning. And if you need to leave the kitchen, the “Quick Stop” function ensures that you can leave the room safely, without any worries.

Power Boost function (“Power Boost”)

Thanks to the “Power Boost” function, you can save time and serve food faster. When this function is activated, it provides additional energy to each cooking zone to give them a quick boost of heat for up to 10 minutes. So you can boil water or heat up a large pot of soup faster than before.

Residual Heat Indicator

With our Control and Function Indicators, you will never be burnt again on a hot surface where you are cooking. It's simple: the "H" shaped residual heat indicator lets you know when the surface is cool enough to touch. Just wait until the capital "H" clearly turns into a lowercase "h".

Child Safety Lock

The Child Safety lock prevents even the most determined children from activating the cooking surface. At the touch of a button, the control panel can be completely locked, making it impossible to switch the hob on accidentally or intentionally – minimizing the risk of children burning their hands.

Automatically turns off the cooking zone

It automatically switches off any of the cooking zones if food has been cooking in those zones for a long time or if there is no change in operation after a certain period of time. So when you're busy entertaining friends and family, there's less chance of costly or dangerous accidents.


Data sheet

Kind of equipment
Classe Energética
Display Type: LED
Dimensions: 590 x 57 x 520 mm
Weight: 12.1 kg
Color: Black
Power: 2000 W
Type of Equipment: Cooker
Brand: Samsung
Installation Mode: Embed
Condition: New
Plate Frame: Cut
Commands: Sliding Touch Controls
Total Power: 7.2 kW
Flexible Zone: No
Number of Zones: 4
Type of Stove: Induction

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