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Bluetooth Speaker Edifier D12 Brown

CONDITION: New | EAN: 6923520268832
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About Bluetooth Speaker Edifier D12 Brown

Edifier D12 stereo speaker

Excellent sound quality, simple operation and a classic, elegant design? It's possible! The Edifier D12 speaker is designed to give you an unforgettable music experience. With 2 playback modes and buttons on the top panel, you can customize it to your needs. The product supports various audio sources, which can connect via wired or wireless Bluetooth 5.0.

impressive sound

Despite its compact size, the D12 speaker delivers fantastic audio quality. A 0.75" silk tweeter and 4" mid-bass driver ensure perfect harmony and crystal-clear sound. In addition, the front reflex port offers a wider sound field and enhanced deep bass. But the surprises don't stop there! The speaker is equipped with a line out function, which allows you to enjoy natural, distortion-free sound.

Multiple connection possibilities

With Edifier, you have the freedom of choice you want. The D12 lets you connect the audio sources of your choice in a variety of ways. Built-in AUX and Line in ports provide compatibility with a wide range of devices. It can also break free from cables and connect to the speaker wirelessly, giving you the freedom you dream of and making it easy to organize. The reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection ensures fast and stable transmission - delays and other signal problems are a thing of the past!

2 playback modes to choose from

This unique speaker is perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, Edifier will provide you with the highest quality sound and a unique immersive experience in any situation. Customize your speaker's performance by selecting from 2 available playback modes. Theater mode allows you to delve even deeper into the history of the movie you are watching and experience unforgettable emotions. Music mode will bring out the best in your favorite music.

Enjoy full control over your audio

Edifier puts complete sound control in your hands. The buttons on the top panel of the speaker allow you to adjust not only the volume, but also the treble and bass. Use this skill to accentuate the best of your favorite music. But that is not all! It also comes with a handy remote so you can conveniently adjust the volume, switch tracks, change modes and select audio sources.

improved design

Discover that a successful combination of modern technology and classic design is possible! The wooden case of the Edifier D12 speaker looks really great and gives it a timeless and elegant character. It will be a fantastic addition to almost any setup. But that's not its only advantage! The use of the wooden box helped to minimize acoustic resonance, so you can listen to music as loud as you want without fear of unpleasant noises.

Product Details


Edifier D12

Specific features

Treble: 2x 15 W | Mid-range and Bass 2x 20W



Physical characteristics

359 x 159 x 203.5 mm
4.6 kg

Network and Connectivity

Connection Type
Wireless (Bluetooth)

More information

Frequency response
54Hz - 20000Hz
Bluetooth | AUX | Line in

Bluetooth Speaker Edifier D12 Brown

CONDITION: New | EAN: 6923520268832
Exclusive Online Price
In stock! Receive tomorrow